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Selling Your Timeshare

For more than 20 years customers have put their trust in Chicago Title for all their timeshare closing needs. Selling your timeshare with us is simple. This is how it works:

Seller and Buyer:

  1. Seller and Buyer agree on the terms for the timeshare purchase. Seller obtains basic information from the Buyer to start the closing and open escrow (Name, Address, Phone, email address).
  2. Seller starts the closing process and completes the online forms.
  3. An email is sent to the buyer (with a username and password) to confirm their information and complete the buyer forms if necessary.
  4. Seller and buyer will receive a confirmation e-mail from Chicago Title with the escrow number and a request for any additional items necessary.

Chicago Title Timeshare:

  1. Chicago Title will prepare escrow instructions and the appropriate transfer deed and closing documents, and transmit via e-mail to the buyer and the seller for their review, signatures and instructions to return to Chicago Title.
  2. After all necessary documents are received back from Seller and Buyer and any other necessary documents Chicago Title will send via e-mail an estimated closing statement to Buyer requesting funds to close the escrow.
  3. Upon receipt of good funds from Buyer, Chicago Title will proceed to close the transaction.
  4. Upon confirmation of closing, Chicago Title will notice all parties of the closing, disburse funds to the seller, notify the resort’s management company (HOA) of the transfer, and transmit all necessary closing documents to Seller and Buyer.

Easy Online Process:

  • Our Online Process is the best method to open a new escrow for your timeshare closing. But if you prefer to fax or mail the documents, proceed to the next section:

Print The Following Form:

Send To:

  • Chicago Title Timeshare
  • 10805 Rancho Bernardo Road, Suite 150
  • San Diego, CA 92127

Fax To:

  • (760) 746-6750

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